Line and Scribble



Line and Scribble from Thames and Hudson

Line and Scribble is a picture book that celebrates imagination and friendship through simple shapes. Line and Scribble do things differently, Line goes straight while Scribble wanders. Line walks a tightrope as Scribble bursts into fireworks. Line likes to draw with a ruler, and Scribble, well . . . doesn't. But no matter how different they may seem, Line and Scribble always have enough in common to be best friends.

A friendship story that embraces differences instead of competing. Emphasizes how imagination, creativity, and art can change how we see the world and each other.

Promotes visual literacy, recognition, and learning to make connections from constellations to roller coasters and breadsticks to bubbles, Line and Scribble shows how the two can come together to create beautiful, moving, and delightfully unexpected results. This sweet book brims with opportunities for young readers to engage with the building blocks of familiar shapes (lines, circles, squiggles), as well as spotting opposites and differences.

Recommended from 5 years plus