From Herve Tullet, acclaimed illustrator and creator of New York Times Bestseller PRESS HERE, comes DRAW HERE, an engaging and creative activity book with simple prompts to scribble, doodle and draw. 

Armed only with a crayon, a colour pencil, and a bit of imagination, explore Herve Tullet's magical world of red, yellow and blue dots, discover playful and imaginative doodling tasks and think outside the dot with this clever activity book. Scribble, imagine and invent - it can all start with a dot.

DRAW HERE will encourage kids to experiment, play and draw but most of all just have fun by joining, filling, connecting and decorating the dots and open eyes and minds to see things differently, playfully and creatively. 

Recommended from 4 years and up, the simple prompts will work well for younger children whilst older kids can be more refined and detailed with prompts like doodling a dot forest or designing sweets.

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